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A family with love for all animals.

My husband and I are originally from the East Coast and moved West to build a more balanced and fulfilled life. We run an international Dog Rescue called World Animal Guardians.  When we were just volunteers for the same rescue we adopted all the special needs pups we could - the socially anxious, physically and medically dependent, and incredibly fearful. In doing so, we realized there was a huge need for a boutique service that offered a peaceful environment for those who may not adjust as well to large communal operations or crowded boarding facilities. With that said, all pups are welcome. Our main goal is to provide a space where we can unleash all the love we have for every pup and provide one on one care as well as group or individual play, and puzzle time. While your pup will sleep cozily in an enclosure that suits their personality, it is our goal for each pup to enjoy the outdoors otherwise. It is also a priority for us to share photos of their stay to keep you informed of all the fun they will inevitably have.

Just as a side note - the photo is about as fancy as we get! You'll more likely be greeted with me, Katie, in a hat, rain boots, and jeans and Jon in a sweatshirt and jeans. We love rolling around in the dirt with your loves.

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HOURS | 730am - 530pm

Pick up and Drop offs  | 730am-930am & 330pm-530pm

This is to maximize the pup's outdoor play time and our ability to clean and maintain the suites/play yards.


We are a boutique day care and boarding service where your pups will have hours of outdoor play time, one on one care, and will be treated like one of our own. Our primary goal is to allow your pup(s) to explore, sniff, chase birds & squirrels, and lounge to their hearts content. 

Play groups. We will socialize your pup contingent on your questionnaire. Our play groups are no more than 6 dogs at a time and more likely,  4 or less. This is to maintain a positive and happy environment that is manageable for all pups.

We have 6 fenced play yards on our property to allow for personalized play time should any pup not want to socialize with the others. We also have 10 acres of land with cleared trails where we will take pups on walks through to sniff the frogs, hunt for birds, and romp through the grassland should that be a service you book.

We have just 26 climate controlled suites in our overnight center - which is where your pup will sleep in a comfy bed or on a cot, their preference. We have 4 sizes of suites | 4x7, 5x7, 6x7 and 2 options for 4x3 for the pups who crave a more cozy environment. In this setting, they will be comforted by forest sounds or classical music and soothing essential oils.

We have just 18 climate controlled suites in our day camp center - These even have heated floors, dimmed lighting, and a personalized grooming station to rinse them off after a good roll in the mud.

Our services include loads of outdoor play time daily. This is to ensure they have that dedicated one on one time with us.

We always do learning enrichment activities - everything from fetch to puzzles to hide and seek to chase. 

We are happy to accommodate any special feeding schedule you have. This includes raw, kibble in slow feeders or snuffle mats, mixed wet and kibble, as well as any supplements you may have for them. 

We are also incredibly sensitive to any allergies your pup may have and take special precautions to ensure each pup's safety. 

We do offer walks, hikes, and baths for an additional expense. 

The Process -. Download our application on your phone or click the book now link. Create a profile, answer all the questions and upload current vaccine records. All of this is to establish a full reference guide that outlines allergies, medical concerns, feeding schedule, and the general day in the life of your pup. Our goal is to make it feel like a camp while still honoring your schedule and staying in tune to the specific needs of your pup. You are welcome to book a meet and greet (Under Make a Reservation and training tab) but they are not required because we work with all types of pups.

Pick up and drop offs are also a service we provide. Car service for peninsula clients is 80.00 up to 15 miles from the Kingston Ferry Terminal (round trip). Seattle side service starts at 65.00 one way. We transport all pups safely, in crates, with a plush blanket. For Seattle side clients, additional fees apply if you arrive 10 minutes later than the predetermined meeting time. This is established as an effort to keep our costs as minimal as possible. We always strive for pick ups and drop offs to be as efficient as possible due to ferry wait times.  

Dog in Nature


We truly love all pups and each personality we've met. We are incredibly humbled to live a life where we can dote on your loved ones and provide a space where they can be a pup and hopefully feel as if they're at camp living it up and on their own vacation.  

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