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  • My pup has never boarded before or gone to day camp. Will they be ok?
    We pride ourselves on offering the most tailored experience for pups in the area. We have a high staff to dog ratio. Our highly trained team are on the premises 24 hours a day. The loving professional staff work hard to make sure each pup feel as though they are on vacation filled with friends and fun. Many of our campers are first-time boarders. If your pup enjoys the company of other dogs, the daily playgroups are a great outlet for the anxiety caused by being away from home. We offer love and t-touch sessions for dogs that need some extra human TLC to help them feel comfortable. It is not unusual for dogs with separation anxiety to stop eating -we monitor all meals and will add tasty treats, hand feed, or sit with dogs during mealtimes to make sure they do not miss too many meals. If you are planning a longer vacation, we also recommend (and sometimes require) a trial day camp or overnight stay to help your pup acclimate to our environment and routine prior to an extended stay. For those pups who are fearful of humans we may recommend a one on one socialization (3 hours of dedicated time with a camp coordinator). This is a very low stress, no expectations, no demands, no pressure time period for us to bond with your pup. As owners of several SEVERELY abused pups, we create a calm space for them to come around on their own. Trust is so important and can be easily damaged and we know that. Our goal for every pup is to show them we are safe space where they can thrive.
  • What vaccines does my pup need?
    Collapse All pups must be vaccinated for Rabies Distemper/Parvovirus (DHPP) Bordetella EVERY 6 months Fecal test EVERY 6 months Rabies is required every 3 years by law. Puppies must have a minimum of 2 rounds of DHPP vaccinations prior to staying with us. Distemper/Parvovirus boosters or titers are required every 3 years, or according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. For upper respiratory disease, we require Bordetella and highly recommend Canine Influenza vaccination. Bordetella is an intranasal vaccine for canines. We require Bordetella vaccines be updated annually, but many veterinarians recommend vaccinating every 6 months if your dog is in regular social contact with other dogs. Similar to a flu shot, this vaccine covers only a few strains of canine cough and is not a guarantee of immunity.
  • What is required for my dogs to stay with you?
    All annual shots and bordatella are required. We will request a copy of your shot records before staying with us. We HIGHLY recommend flea and tick especially from March - November. We also HIGHLY reccommend heart worm prevention as the number of cases rise in Western Washington with each year.
  • How much does overnight boarding cost?
    The starting rate is 65.00 for the first pup. We have additional size options available ranging from 65.00 - 85.00 per 24 hours.
  • What should I bring?
    Your pups food PREPORTIONED by meal and medications (PLEASE no large food containers - we have no space for them). Written instructions for feeding, allergies, and medications in their profile online. We highly encourage our clients to bring whatever is going to make their pup more comfortable. Beds, treats, and toys they would enjoy while they sleep or are having down time in their enclosure so long as it is not a safety hazard. DO NOT BRING: bowls, any cherished beds or toys that may get chewed on or anything your pup cannot have unattended. If your pup requires a slow feeder, please annotate that in their feeding instructions.
  • Drop off and Pick up hours
    TGO is staffed 24 hours a day. HOWEVER - Drop off and pick up hours are 730am – 930am and 330pm-530pm. Playgroups start at 8am. It is best for your dog to arrive prior to 9am so they can maximize their playtime. For dogs boarding with us check-out time is 9:30 am. Dogs are welcome to stay after that; however, they will incur a daycare charge for that day. After hours pick up to 7pm can be arranged for a fee - just send a message via our app and we will get back to you.
  • How do I book?
    Book online using our new APP!!!!! Book Here
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellation policy - Before 7 days of drop off time full refund Between 6 days and 3 days of your scheduled drop off time 50% refund Within 72 hours 100% forfeiture HOLIDAYS - 100% due at time of booking and is NON-REFUNDABLE. We are very small and rely on the bookings made.
  • Will my dog interact with yours?
    We are always happy to do slow, methodical introductions with my dogs. We have 2 dogs who love to run and play with all others. We are very slow with the introduction process as we want to maintain a calm experience for your pup. Many times, our animals can become nervous in a new environment and want to honor that adjustment period.
  • Do you take puppies and/or intact pups?
    The short answer is yes we do. We will ensure that we do not have mixed company that is not spayed or neutered. We do not accept puppies under 4 months due to vaccinations. We want to ensure they are safe and fully vaccinated because this is a communal environment. If your pup is in heat, there is an added fee of 10.00 a day for cleaning and extra care.
  • Do you provide food?
    We can provide food for your pup! We feed Ancestry Farmland to our overnighters. FULL INGREDIENTS LIST: Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Sweet Potato, Peas, Duck Meal, Egg, Chicken Fat (preserved with Natural Tocopherols), Salmon Meal, Pork Meal, Ground Sage, Ground Basil, Flax Seed, Sea Salt, Tomato, Blueberry, Raspberry, Choline Chloride, yucca Schidigera Extract, Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermination Product, Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Bifido Bacterium Fermentation Product, Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Vitamin E Supplement, Biotin, Niacin Supplement, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A acetate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D-3, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Citric Acid, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate,Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganes Proteinate, Manganese Oxide, Selenium Yeast, Calcium Iodate, Folic Acid.
  • Are there any dogs that wouldn't be a good fit?
    If you have a pup who can jump a 4 foot fence or will dig to escape, we sadly cannot accommodate them as each dog's safety is of the utmost importance. If you have a particularly aggressive dog, that is not a deal breaker! However, we would charge a higher rate as we would not host any other dogs during your pup's stay. This is again to ensure a low stress environment for all patrons :) If you have a pup who cannot sleep in a kennel and would be stressed out. We would want to refer you to someone who can host them in a home.
  • What if my dog is in heat?
    There is an added fee of 25.00 a day for personalized attention and extra cleaning.
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