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If you would like to schedule a drop in with your pup - you must make an appointment first by creating a profile in our application. From there, click on "Make a Reservation" and under the training option is "Meet and Greet".

These are NOT required but is the opportunity for you to get a tour and to bring your pup for a little sniff & play time while we chat.

We do apologize that we cannot give tours outside of these appointments as we work with nervous, scared, and timid pups. We have a whole crew who cater to each of the pups needs and strive for that stress free environment. Additionally, outside of the appointment times is when we prioritize all the pup fun! If we did tours throughout the day, that would take away from their play and that's why you bring them to us! :) 

These 30 minute tours are 25.00 + tax.


We have a

**NEW** Reservation Booking System!!!!

All new reservations can be made by clicking the button below! If you don't have an account yet, create one and we look forward to helping you with the process should you need any assistance.


By Appointment Only
Please use the Book a Visit form or email us at

9340 NE West Kingston Rd

Kingston, WA 98346

Mon - Fri:  7am - 6pm
Sat:  10am - 5pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Dogs Running
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